Katzgraben – Aerohm 
(Magnetic Ribbon, 2015)
01. pah-hul #2
02. stimmung
03. billy-o
04. music-fox
05. #52T2S2
06. aerohm
07. atlas
08. plica-polaca
09. post.room.grã
10. mono no aware
11. aliceblue
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The first recordings from Katzgraben were released in 2008 on the now extinct Portuguese netlabel, Merzbau. It was a collection of improvised guitar sketches for imaginary films recorded by Tiago C. Katzgraben soon became a very solitary place to be and in 2009, Ricardo P, an old friend from Portugal, joined in to perform some few gigs in London. We Burn Daylight was the result of an intensive week of rehearsals and also the seed for a new sound, more experimental, drone-based and layered with electronics. Since then a permanent collaboration emerged by post and two more self releases came out on their own label Gutta.Percha: Uncommon Background (2009) and Ensaios 0610 (2010).
It took five years for Katzgraben to come out with a new release and 2015 sees the duo releasing their first album on the London based label Magnetic Ribbon.